November 1

Skyping with the Netherlands

Students in Mrs. Callaway’s 5th grade class had the opportunity to combine field day and the Olympic theme with a fun Skype activity.  First they took a “trip” to the Netherlands using Google Earth.  On field day, Mrs. Callaway’s class represented the Netherlands, and it just so happens that her son lives there!  Students got to ask a lot of questions!



December 13

Virtual Field Trip for Second Graders

Students in Rachel Jones’ class got to visit with her brother who is on active duty.  Lance Corporal Milovich is a Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton in California. He served a deployment to Afghanistan during this time last year.  He talked to them about Veteran’s Day, the Marine Corp birthday, and life as a Marine. The students really enjoyed asking him questions. They wrote letters to LCpl Milovich and some other Marines that he works with at Camp Pendleton.

October 25

Students Skype with author Marissa Moss

4th grade teacher Angela Thomas had spent the summer making a connection with Marissa Moss – mostly because of the book Amelia’s Notebook and Thomas’ daughter’s love for the book (and having the name Amelia).

Shortly after school started, Thomas, Librarian Keri Thrift, and ITS Leslie Long arranged an opportunity for Old Town 4th graders to visit with author Marissa Moss on Friday, September 2. Moss talking to the students about the writing process and what it takes to become an author.